At Monofonico we create, promote and sale content for innovation and technology products within the music comunity. We develop as well as for the analog as for the digital segment.

Caio Martínez, our project leader is a musician with a long career and expertise in technology. He has collaborated with many different companies in Latam as their advisor. He has also worked supporting them marketing complex high tech products as well as setting up and assembling workstations.

Monofonico is also a link between manufacturers and professional musicians, helping them to access specific products when the brand does not have a direct presence through conventional distribution channels in their country.

We focus on Latam. We know it is a diverse, complex market due to their unstable economics and hard tariff policies, that in many cases, make importation very difficult.

We are certain we can facilitate the right development of your brand in the region and help you to implement and improve your sales.

Give us the chance!